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About Green Real Estate Syndicate, Inc (GRES)


About Us

Mark Aschwanden, OWNER/Founder

Mary Lynn Aschwanden, CEO/Founder


About GreenHomeFinder.com

Our Commitment to Green, energy efficient, and Sustainable building...



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Are all homes on GHF "Truly Green Homes"?
No. Going green is a process and homes come in the many shades of green.

We support and encourage homeowners and building professionals to "go green," and we welcome a wide variety of green homes, from those with simple green features to "true green homes."

According to a recent SmartMarket Report titled "The Green Homeowner," from McGraw-Hill Construction and the National Association of Home Builders, "Greening this aging housing stock is...important because older homes are more harmful to the environment. They emit more carbondioxide and other greenhouse gases, use significantly more energy, and contain more toxic components than their newer counterparts."

Our view is that every green upgrade is the step in the right direction. From small energy-saving features such as replacing incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescents to major improvements such as installing a solar electric (photovoltaic) system-every green improvement makes a difference, however small.

To avoid the possibility of "greenwashing" or exaggerated claims, we encourage buyers to educate themselves and we hope this Site is a useful starting point. To help visitors to www.greenhomefinder.com determine how green a particular property is, we developed a rating system, summarized next:
GHF Rating System
1 LEAF = 1-20 points received for green features
2 LEAVES = 21-40 points received for green features
3 LEAVES = 41 or greater points received for green features
"sun" = solar
"windmill" = wind energy
"thermometer" = geothermal heat
"water" = hydroelectric
"checkmark" = available report
What's the Green Real Estate Syndicate TM ?
The Green Real Estate Syndicate, TM INC is an online network of websites dedicated to helping and linking Home Buyers with homes with green features and environmentally responsible products and services. Every paid subscribers home listings are added to our network of sites.

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