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What's a "Green" Property?

"Shade of Green" at a Glance

by The GreenHomeFinder Team



What’s great about Green?

Green is becoming the norm.  Economic experts are calling for a recovery plan that focuses on creating Green jobs and encouraging a stable sustainable and energy efficient infrastructure.  Modern buyers are purchasing more sustainable homes and properties with more ecological features than ever before. Tenants are searching for Greener, healthier rentals. Businesses are becoming “eco savvy”, improving their images and adding more Green products to their line-ups. Green properties deliver on all fronts.

A Green property is:

Economical, with lower annual bills due to:

•    Energy efficiency: A comfortable interior temperature in all seasons, using less energy than a conventional property with better insulation and ventilation.
•    Resource efficiency: Built with recycled, reused, or durable materials that don’t need a lot of maintenance or replacement.
•    Water efficiency: Efficient sprinkler and irrigation systems, and low-flow plumbing fixtures.

High quality, for excellent resale value

•    Cutting edge building construction, materials and technology, including rapidly renewable resources like bamboo flooring, engineered wood products (such as wheatboard), photovoltaic (PV) solar energy systems, and high-efficiency heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems.

Healthy, for higher quality of life and productivity

•    Non-toxic finishes and materials, an energy-recovery ventilation system ensuring a supply of fresh air, and design and construction promoting a mold-free indoor environment.

Sustainable, to save the environment due to:

•    Strategic siting: Proper siting and orienting the property to its surrounding landscape and climate zone lets you to take advantage of natural heating and cooling opportunities, while minimally affecting the environment.
•    Organic gardening and landscaping: Use plants that match your climate zone to reduce maintenance, watering and pesticide use, which prevents water wastage and harmful chemicals from entering the groundwater or storm sewers.
•    Solar energy: Generate electricity without producing any carbon or other emissions.
•    Location: Choose a property accessible to public transportation, amenities, shopping, schools and recreation areas to encourage walking or biking to reduce vehicle use.


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