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Site Credits

Site Credits

Goyal and CO.
Programming and Development 11.4.08
Vandna Goyal is a master programmer, and  the Owner of Goyal and CO., a full service programming and development firm.  She played an integral role as the chief programmer of www.greenhomefinder.com.  Vandna has the skill and know how to work with clients to bring complex sites to fruition as the on-call coding architect.

Kenton Shepard
Green Home Inspector Certified
President of NACHI International
The President of NACHI International, Kenton Shepard is a certified "green" home inspector serving Boulder, Colorado and the surrounding area.  Mr. Shepard also creates "green" educational and inspection videos which can be viewed on NACHI's Web site.  During the first stages of development, Mr. Shepard assisted greenhomefinder.com by providing expert advice about "green" inspection criteria. 




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